Features and tools

Well–prepared for an array of tasks

Our VPS packs are built with the whole set of functions and tools you will need to operate your resource–demanding web sites and applications from one particular place. Each VPS pack delivers a choice of Linux OS versions, SSD space, root server access and weekly off–site data backups. You’ll get guaranteed CPU and RAM allowances for speedier connections.

SSD drives

Maximize your web site’s efficiency with our SSD–built Virtual Private Servers

Each of the Virtual Servers provided by Qerreti Hosting comes designed with SSD drives instead of typical HDD drives. Having SSD disks on your Virtual Private Server could be a good asset for your website pages. SSD drives offer more effective reading/writing data transfer rates and additionally permit quicker file access. This essentially indicates that everything on your web hosting server will operate a lot quicker, including all of your websites and web applications.

Linux distribution alternatives

Select from CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian

We provide you with a selection of Linux distributions for your VPS at sign–up. On the order form, you could choose among these Linux distribution alternatives – Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS. All you need to do is opt for the OS that you need and we will handle the installation to suit your needs.

A free dedicated IP

Get a complimentary dedicated IP with every single virtual server

A VPS will give you total autonomy on the world wide web, and to help you get rolling effectively, we offer you a dedicated IP with no charge. As soon as you register, all you have to do is inform us which Linux distribution you wish and we will put together your machine and assign an exclusive dedicated IP to you at no charge. In case you demand more IPs, you can buy them from your Control Panel at an advantageous cost.